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Animation Weekend Fun Class Program

Animation Weekend Fun Class Program This class is for beginnners who want to be 2D or 3D artists. They learn from the basic of animation concept in the course of 7 months. The curriculum of this program is quick curriculum with great quality to create artists who are [...] Read More

Animation Fun Education Class Program

Animation Fun Education Class Program is a summer class program for foreign students. This class helds for 20 days or one month. The students required to attend the class every weekdays. The material for this class include introduction lesson or [...] Read More


Sculpting Outing Class

After a whole month studying about modelling in 3D, the students had a great opportunity to learn sculpting in the center of sculpting gallery and stores, Kasongan. The sculpting class was taught by o[...]

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The Last Meeting of 2D

It has been almost four months the students learning animation. Last week was the students last time to learn about 2D animation. It means that in the next meeting, they will move forward into learnin[...]

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Fun Students Awards

Due to the last meeting of 2D class last Saturday, the admission of MSV Animation School decided to give a little bit appreciation for some outstanding students. There are four awards that were given [...]

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Group Discussion

The students have a group assignment to make a storyboard together. They were divided into four groups so that they can have the experience on how team works feel like. All of the teams should make st[...]

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Drawing Background II

On the last Saturday meeting, the students still studied about storyboard since the curriculum of background drawing supposed to be done in two meetings. The lecturers showed the students some study c[...]

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Drawing Background

Background is an important element on animated movie. It has function as the primary sign of setting on the scene. It also makes the setting looked more beautiful. Last Saturday, the students of MSV A[...]

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